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One of the most popular Spectacular Personalized Journeys and Vortex Tours of Sedona

Our guides are knowledgeable of the area and intuitively guided to provide the most meaningful time in the vortexes of beautiful Sedona.

In addition to being a beautiful and serene place, Sedona has long been known as a spiritual power center. This is because the power that emanates from the vortexes produces some of the most remarkable energy on the planet. This energy is the reason Sedona is full of people that are “on the path”, that is, people who have made a commitment to grow and become as much as they can spiritually. It is also the reason that such a large New Age community has sprung up in the Sedona area, bringing with it a variety of spiritual practices and alternative healing modalities, and it is the reason Sedona has sometimes been called a spiritual Disneyland.

The energy centers at Sedona are both exciting and growth inspiring. If you are at all sensitive to the more subtle things, the experience of standing at one of these vortexes, and letting the energy flow into you and through you, can be almost overwhelming. People come from all over the world to experience this.

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What is a VORTEX?

What does the word mean?

A Vortex is a funnel-shaped movement of energy that you can see as the water swirls down a drain or the wind picking up speed as two energies collide – making either a tornado or dust devil. It is swirling energy that can be made up of electricity, wind, water, magnetic, and other forces. The energy can be strong enough to move matter and subtle to feel a change in one or more of the senses.

Sedona’s energy is one of a Major Enhancement Energy to Enhance your Life, Journey, Meditation, Health, and much more.

Swirling Sea Vortex - Vortex Energy

Vortex Energy Sedona’s Inspiring

“Special energy is experienced all over Sedona, a geographic bowl with many Vortex sites that have amplified and unique energy patterns, beyond the four traditional meditation sites…” CSW

Many people come to Sedona for a truly spiritual experience. The uplifting vortex energy is part of the attraction to this area for inner journeys & retreats. Our knowing of Sedona as a place of special energy goes back to the time of the native people who were here, starting 11,000 years ago. They consider Sedona sacred. People now view Sedona as a place of awakening.

When the mainstream culture began to have an awakening to eastern and indigenous ways of healing and spirituality in the 1970s, people began to look at Sedona with an intuitive eye to understand the high energy here. At that time Paige Bryant, a gifted clairvoyant, studied some of the energy patterns in Sedona and had her own special experiences at four places in Sedona that are the most widely known traditional meditation sites now – Bell Rock, Airport Mesa, Boynton Canyon and Cathedral Rock. In the thirty years since then, many other intuitive guides have identified other special energies in Sedona, and native people have also shared the location of some of their ancestral sacred sites in high energy areas.

..and yet the mystery remains. What is the complete nature of the vortex energy in Sedona? There is a slight measurable residue of magnetism in the places where the energy is strongest. The Juniper trees that twist like a vortex show areas of amplified energy. Scientists are now using satellite technology to study and understand earth energy patterns, and perhaps some of what we’re experiencing in Sedona is the way the earth cycles energy in various wave patterns. We experience this subtle energy as energy in motion on the surface of the earth and can often feel it – and its effects – if we take the time to open and align to the energy.

And the cosmic connection with the universe there cannot be denied! Multiple opportunities abound in Sedona to expand our consciousness within the portals of Universal Light into higher consciousness as part of the greater Awakening.

Sedona Spectacular Journey and Vortex Tour – A Unique Opportunity

A Sedona Spectacular Journey & Vortex Tour will offer you an opportunity to experience this beautiful land called Sedona in any intimate way and to connect with the power of the natural vortex energy all around Sedona. At the different sacred sites you’ll have your own unique experience as you attune to these energies – relaxing, energizing and uplifting, emotionally releasing, intuitively opening and spiritually awakening into your Enlightened Self.

Sedona Scenic View Cathedral Rock - Vortex Energy

Come with us in our van “Silver Angel” to see the major and minor vortexes of Sedona as we provide a personalized tour through the beautiful, magical red rocks of Sedona.  We focus on providing personalized connection to the energies of Sedona and weaving them into your Life to bring in Joy, Harmony, Balance, & a lot more.   We provide Intuitive  Spiritual Counseling and Empowerment Tools to assist you on your Path and Relationships. 

Sedona Spirit Journeys Phamphlet- Vortex Energy

Network of Services

We also have a variety of Collaborative Community Network of Services that we will connect you with in Sedona to enhance your Spiritual Journey. Just ask & we will Tailor your Tour and weave in the best locations to fit your focus.

Sedona is full of activities to do and we offer a – Metaphysical Store in the Uptown area that provides – Spiritual Tools, Crystals, Readers, Massages, Local Artwork, and much more from over 80+ people. Let us be part of your journey in Sedona. We personalize the activities for you. (Check us out on “Trip Advisor” – Aligning Light Center of Sedona)

Sedona has been known for the spiritual impact associated with the subtle energies from various rock formations which bring tranquillity, peace, or healing. These subtle energies seem to come up from the earth and can be felt by those who are sensitive to energy shifting. Some will feel a peaceful feeling or even nothing at all but will also receive the energy without realizing it.

Metaphysical Theme of Vortexes

The Metaphysical Theme of Vortexes use 5 principals.

Existence, Properties of Objects, Space and Time, Cause and Effect, and Possibility.

Sedona uses these principals to describe Earth Vortexes. The belief that they exist and have a powerful influence, the twist of the juniper trees, feelings that people get around them, and the noted positive effects on individuals.

5 Main Vortexes in Sedona are:

Bell Rock, Cathedral, Chapel in the Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Airport Mesa.



Sedona Map - Vortex Energy

There are also other locations in Sedona with signifies Earth Energies spots. The whole Sedona area has emerged into the swirling vortexes of the energy here.

Some find it especially exciting to hike, run, do yoga, or bike in these areas to feel the beauty of the land and experience the Nature of Mother Earth. Some go play musical instruments. My favorite is to blow bubbles and focus on being in the moment. Other imagine or feel a sense that they have lived here before in another lifetime or feel “At Home”. We offer an experience where you go on a “Journey through the Red Rocks and have a Personalized experience that will benefit you. Whichever way you chose to experience Sedona, it will be perfect for you while you are here in the Sacred Red Rocks of Sedona. Whatever you choose, enjoy the beautiful energies and feelings you receive while you are visiting Sedona. A misunderstanding is that one has to race to each one of the vortexes, picking up different pieces of energies is not true. The way the swirling energies are, they merge together and you can feel the subtle energies a little farther away from the point of origin so you can bring in the other vortex energies into where you are. It is easy to go to one vortex area to feel the energies of all. You can do meditation or just sit or lay on the Red Rocks, you can be still and quiet so that you can clear your mind to receive inspiration, and just relax.

 Effects of Vortex Energy of Sedona

People from all over the world (universe) come to Sedona for various reasons. The Vortexes are described as the healing points or centers in Sedona to assist them to open their hearts and feel the emotional, mental, spiritual, relationship, and life changes. Iconic in comparison to Machu Picchu or the Egyptian Pyramids.

Sedona Twisted Cypress Tree Bell Rock- Vortex Energy

List of Benefits



  • Well Being / Increased Health
  • Rejuvenation / Re-Balancing
  • Relaxation / Meditational
  • Tranquility / Peaceful
  • Insight / Enlightenment
  • Spiritual Awareness
  • Intense Emotions / Healing Emotions
  • Electricity Flow / Intensity
  • Emotional Healing
  • Physical Healing
  • Tingling / Goosebumps
  • Imbalance / Vertigo
  • Spiritual Awareness
  • A sense of Self / Inner Being
  • Joy / Pleasure / Awe
  • Visions / Dreams / Channelings
  • Paranormal Activity / UFOs
  • Crop Circles / Stone Hendges / Circles
  • Clarity / Wisdom / Solutions
  • Opening to Heart Energies
  • Healing Past Experience and Clearing Blocks
  • Reconnecting to their Past Wounds and Shifting them
  • Find their Inner Child
  • Release their depression
  • Connections to their Past, Spirit Guides, Angels and more

Vortex Explanations


Sedona has been in at least 4 Oceans and Bodies of water through the ages. It can be seen in the deposits in the layers around Sedona. Wind and Water erosion has been bug factors in the areas of rock formations. Sedona is shaped in bowl energy with rock formations around the area and a few other rock formations inside the bowl. Each area has a different energy to it. Early Native Settlers used this land as sacred grounds for ceremonies and healings. It is still used for that purpose today.

Sedona is a “Hub” of leylines that stretch around the world, running through various sacred lands. People are drawn to these areas and build sacred structures on them to gather the energies of the hub. This is seen worldwide where Stone Circles, Crop circles, Medicine Wheels, Churches, Pyramids, and many other sacred structures are found.

Upflow Vortices are the higher locations like Airport Mesa and Bell Rock more Masculine ones. These will allow one to think outside of the box, see a broader view, assists blood pressure to lower, creates a peaceful feeling. (more electrical)

Inflow Vortices brings you within your own heart – by the creek at West Fork, Amara, L’auberge, Los Abrigados, and the Red Rock Crossing. Go deeper within, introspective, healing the past, nurture new beginnings. (Magnetic)



Super Alignment Ancient Lumeria - Vortex Energy

Ley Lines / Matrix

Sedona is a major crossroads for many ley lines creating a “HUB”.

Earth’s Magnetic Fields / Grids

Sedona has a higher magnetic field with the high iron in the red sandstone.

Mystical Unknown Cave Energy - Vortex Energy

Unknown type of Energy

There are so much unknown factors involved

Sedona Petroglyphs - Vortex Energy

Sacred Grounds

Sedona has been used by many as a sacred ground for healings and ceremonies

UFO - Vortex Energy

Extra Terrestrials (ET)

Sedona has also been a spot where many UFO sightings have occurred.

Crystal Saline Deposits - Vortex Energies

Mineral / Limestone / Iron / Crystal Deposits

Coral reefs, Sand deposits, iron deposits from Geological times

Sandhill Cranes in Flight Arizona - Vortex Energy

Animal Migration patterns


Further Ways to See Vortexes are

  • Combined Vortices – Multiple energies – Boynton Canyon.
  • Circles of Energy Vortices
  • Cradles of Energy Vortices
  • Power Spots of Energies


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We are a member of the

Sedona Chamber of Commerce and Tourist Bureau
Sedona Metaphysical Association
“Wisdom Keepers of Sedona”
Aligning Light Center of Sedona

We are permitted by the Coconico National Forestry to do Commercial Tours on the Vortexes and National Forest



Forest Service Department of Agriculture

Sedona Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Bureau


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