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Experience the Spectacular Energy of Sedona, feeling the Vortex Energies, seeing the Amazing Beautiful Views, hearing the Nature, and much more.

It is time to step into your Magnificence & Open to the next step on your journey. Each tour is unique and developed to personalize it to your interests. Your journey will be memorable as you travel through the magical energies of Sedona.

IT IS EASY – as 1, 2, 3

1. Pick a Theme

2. Choose how many hours for the journey

Trust the Journey to unfold

3. Book it on 928-282-8966

Each of these will take approximately 2 hours for each or can be put into a shorter period to do a few activities at once.

Red Rocks Sedona - Tour Themes

Spiritual Sedona – Going Within

Creating Introspective Time on the Red Rocks to find your Soul’s Unique Purpose and Energy as you Step into your Truth. Activate your Purpose and Awaken your Passions. Customized to your journey to where you are at in your life path.

Price per hour (Two Hours Recommended)

$111 pp


Sedona Stone Rocks in Harmony with Landscape - Tour Themes

Awakening to You – Personal Empowerment

Time has come for you to take control of your life and step into your power. Clearing blocks of the past. “Flipping” contracts into Gifts, Wounds & Regrets transformed into Wisdom. Time to Create Passion and Serenity in your Journey. Awaken to your Divine Soul Gifts.


Price per hour (Two Hours Recommended)

$111 pp



Medicine Wheel Sedona - Tour Themes

Medicine Wheel Journey & Ceremony

The Circle of Life through, Ages, Seasons, Cycles, and Directions to Utilize the Ancient ways of the Wheel to Re-Align your Life Journey. Ceremony to Set New Intentions, Letting go, Clearing Distractions, Releasing Fears & Regrets, Recognizing Your Power, Rejuvenating, & Opening to your Unique Potential.

2 hr Teaching & Ceremony

$222 pp

Sedona Coffee Pot Rock and Sugarloaf Mountain - Tour Themes

Heart / Mind Re-connection

Sugarloaf is an excellent place to reconnect to your heart and balance your mind.

Price per hour (Two Hours Recommended)

$111 pp

Sedona Chapel of the Holy Cross - Tour Themes

Spectacular Photography

Sedona magical energies come through onto Spectacular photos. We will take you around to special unique locations and views to take your personal memories and photos. Bring your camera and charge the batteries to make sure you can capture these moments and views.

Price per hour (Two Hours Recommended)

$111 pp

Sedona Vortex Map - Tour Themes

Chakra Alignment through the Vortexes

Sedona Vortexes line up through the Meridians of the Chakra Systems (Energy Points within your body) from Bell Rock to Boynton Canyon.  Each Power Centers aligns with the body to balance and energy.  Travelling through the Power Centers of Sedona to energize, align, and balance your chakras as we visit several of this vortexes.

Further details and other tour options related to the vortexes can be found by clicking on the button below.

Price per hour (Four to Eight Hours Recommended)

$111 pp

Sedona Red Rocks Meditation - Tour Themes

Melt into the Red Rocks Meditation

The Energies of the Red Rocks of Sedona has been known to Open the Heart, Mind, and Soul. Creating a sacred place to lay or sit on the rock and travel inward through a guided meditation on a unique spot in Sedona. Feel the energies, peacefulness, serenity, and healing of the embrace of the rocks.

Price per hour (Two Hours Recommended)

$111 pp

Sedona Labyrynth - Tour Themes

Labyrinth Walk

Walking an ancient maze to connect the energies of the Past, Present, and Future as you walk through your Life Path. Guided by our guides to see more of what your life’s path has been about and where it is leading. Enjoy the twists and turns when you travel within.

Price per hour (Two Hours Recommended)

$111 pp

Sedona Red burning and glowing candles in red glass, inside church of the Holy Cross - Tour Themes

Rites of Passage Ceremonies for All aspects of Life

Marriage, Divorce, Loss, Shifts, Relationships, Awakening, New Beginnings, etc..

Price per hour (Two Hours Recommended)

$111 pp

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